~Ewà Madam~ specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, contemporary and African inspired accessories made from natural and semi-precious stones, beads from the palm nut family; paper and glass, wood, African phono disc, vintage sequins, feathers, metals, upscale leather and Ankara/Adire (African) fabrics that are wholistic, soulful, unique and universal in design.

The inspiration behind ~Ewà Madam~ is three tiered: 

1. Create affordable African inspired and contemporary accessories for all to enhance their beauty.

2. Make Ankara /African textiles more mainstream. 

3. Accentuate the beauty of African lingo, traditions, and aesthetics via characters and proverbial descriptions that all people can understand, respect and admire.

Our hopes are that you purchase a piece that speaks to your identity and truly reflects your inner state of being.

You are a Beautiful canvas and I await for you to tap into our artistry!

As always, we thank you for supporting handmade...

                                                                                   Òkédìjí Orímaládé, 

                                                                                 Chic Jewelry Artiste